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Offsite and Astoria Aug. 12th, 2007 @ 02:38 pm
I haven't updated in forever, and I'm sure much more has gone on since I last posted...I know I have more pics to put up or at least post about (like the PA pictures).

Last two Friday's ago I was able to go out to Mt. Hood Ski Bowl with work, freakin' great!  18 holes of the most evil disc golf I've ever seen!  Missed out on the bungee jumping and go karts, but I did get to have some beers, eat some food and play on an amazing (if unkempt and thougoughly hard) courses I've been to yet!  Even though I lost 4 discs (3 of mine and 1 of the 2 I found) and the brush was up over my head :)  Take a look, lots of work people in there (a great shot of Tweet driving with Mt. Hood in the background)

2007-08-02 - Ski Bowl Trip

Went to Astoria Friday night and yesterday...saw a great parade, which Kate and her dad were riding in....in a Jag!  Saw "Shanghaied in Astoria," one of the craziest stage shows I've ever seen!  They change actors every year, so I'm tempted to go back next year.  Kate went last year and won one of the raffles for a bunch of Scandinavian gifty stuff  Finally got to meet Kate's Uncle Doug and his family as well.  I added comments to almost every picture, take a look (there's a great one of Bob's dog Show-nee)

2007-08-09 - Trip to Astoria

Off to buy new discs :D
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Short update and games! Jul. 21st, 2007 @ 10:10 am

Hola amigos!

I've been so lackadaisical in my posting lately it's not even funny!  Not that anything too exciting has happened...well, I guess it has since Kate got a new job!  Hell yeah!  No more of that horrible call center and it's idiotic people!  Happy day!

Work, as usual, is going great.  Bread delivery is still going great.  Great!

Picked up a few games, that don't require a tv.  Holy crap, hell's going to freeze over!  I have been wanting a copy of Set for a few years now and finally picked it up.  Our friends Josh and Tara turned us on to Apples to Apples, and wow, hella fun!  Highly recommended for anyone who can read and as a sense of the absurd.  In A Pickle is pretty cool too, much along the same lines as Apples to Apples, but using spatial relations instead of meanings.  I suppose one could use some of the Pickle cards with A2A.  Oh!  Been trying to track down a copy of Quarto as well, but then I found you can play it with Set cards!  Huzzah!

I did get to see Transformers at work.  Not as bad as I thought it was going to be, I'd actually watch parts of it again (like everything but the plot).  Hopefully going to go see Harry Potter at the IMAX over in Tigard...who knows if that'll happen or not though.

Shit, I keep forgetting to post pictures and now my Picasa crashed during an update (I blame XP...it's been a bitch to me lately, my Ubuntu box runs so much cleaner!  Stupid Zen Vision:M tying me to Windows) So, I'll do that one of these days since I still have pictures from PA to post from close to a month ago now.

That's all for now!

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Pop Pop and the weekend Jun. 25th, 2007 @ 10:42 am
(typed this last night waiting for an airplane)

Sitting in the Philadelpha Airport...stupid place wants to charge me $8 to get online...what kind of crap is that!?!?

So, why I'm in PA.  Last month my Grandfather passed away, since he didn't want any services we just waited until the family could get together to spread his ashes.  It's been almost two months, so the services weren't as difficult to get through as if it had been just after.  Very nice and very short (under 30 minutes).  My mom spoke, as did his cousin and some of his old union buddies. I did take some pictures of his family plot, which is right next to my great-grandparents from the other side of the family...weird.  Don't know if that was planned in some manner or not.  lindsaycb wrote a letter to him, which we did place on the site for her (and no Lin, we didn't read it :))  I really miss him, his smile, his weather-centric phone calls, the constant picture taking (must be where I get it from :)) and just knowing that he was there for all of us in whatever we needed.  Not a fun trip, but it could have been much worse, like when my Grandmother passed away last summer.  Both of them in a year.  Now I have no grandparents left, but plenty of support from the rest of the family.

Other stuff happened too.  My second (third?) cousin Kyle had his 11th birthday party on Sunday, which my mom and I attended (Dad and Caitlin few out before it started) so I got to see my Great Aunt's side of the family.  Bunch of little kids playing in a really nice park (oddly, right next to the hospital that my grandmother died in last summer) with the adults munching burgers and cake.  My little cousin Alexis is absolutely adorable!

Next time I come out it will have to be under better circumstances...my cousin Scott is engaged, so maybe I'll get to go out for a wedding instead of a funeral :)

What else what else...not really much going on with me lately.  Kate and I have been working on the new apartment, got the new kitty kat, driving around the Portland area and finding all sorts of new stuff to go see and restaurants to try.  Been hanging out with our friends Gail and Cory quite a bit, and hoping that Josh and Tara will start their planned monthly visit to Portland so we don't have to come out to The Dalles just to see them (Josh has visited 3 times, Tara once...lame!  I hope you read this Tara, you need to make it out here more!)

Got a backpack and a laptop from work!  Finally have a system running linux that I can play on without screwing up either a) my home computer or b) someone elses computer.  Maybe I'll get around to some kernel hacking, I'd really like to mess around with the memory controllers :)

That's about all for now, my flight leaves in 30 minutes and I'm kinda munchy...can't wait to get back and see Kate, Stormy and Quarter :)

(still need to post pictures)
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Belated Memorial Day post Jun. 9th, 2007 @ 10:05 am
Haven't updated since before Memorial Day, and yes, we did decide to go to SLC and see Caitlin...took a flippin ton of pictures too!  (ie, almost a dvd's worth)  I'll let them tell the tale :D

Cut for your convenienceCollapse )

Not much else going on, I do have some pictures from last weekend to sort and post still but this week at work has been crazy!  The van pool decided to try 4/10s and OMG it freakin' drained me!  Not doing that again anytime soon (without a damn good reason anyway).  Lots going on this weekend, mostly errands and catching up with stuff I couldn't do during the week (like this post ;))

So, off to not be lazy :D
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Finally moved (feel like crap today) and other stuff May. 21st, 2007 @ 10:14 am
It's been a few weeks and some interesting stuff has happened.

Finally finished moving out of the old apartment.  Did a walk through on Saturday morning and it was "one of the cleanest apartments" they'd ever seen.  Admittedly, they've only had the place for 3 months (with the aforementioned decline in service that they brought) and that wasn't the best (or worst) complex I've been in, it really didn't surprise me when she said that.  So glad to be out of that place!

We got a new kitty kitty!  His name is Quarter (came with the name) and he's 4 with no front claws.  One of the guys at work had to get rid of him (new baby/jealous kitty) and I snapped him right up!  Super cute, but will not sit still for a picture! (Let alone a half decent picture with my shitty camera..more below).  Been getting along better and better with Stormy, actually slept next to eachother on the futon!  Quarter really likes to sleep on pillows and last night slept above Kate's head all night (while Stormy was at our feet!).

So, I ordered a new camera last night!  Woo!  A Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX07 (review) in red.  First heard about it on Boingboing a few weeks ago, and my cam has been steadily declining in quality since Christmas (no zoom-out, poor battery even though I bought a new one, slow, focus issues, I can go on!).  Did a little research, saw some pics on flickr, poof!  Hopefully it'll be here soon...because...

Kate and I are going to try to get over to SLC this weekend to see my sis' new place.  She's having a housewarming party on Saturday and it's only 10ish hours from here, plus, I really haven't seen eastern Oregon or Idaho in the daylight, so that'll be cool.  Not enough time to get a trip together for Illinois, but that'll happen sometime.  My summer is pretty packed with people coming (or thinking of coming) out here!  Jen, Nate, Maja (n8's mom), my bro and sis...plus going out to PA in late June.  Craziness!  The only thing holding us back from going is Kate getting Monday off work (I already have it off)

Oh!  We stumbled upon Fat Albert's Breakfast Cafe on Saturday.  Holy crap!  We're definitely going back!  One of the best breakfast burritos I've ever had, the only one better was in L'ville coupled with a bowl of mac and cheese.  Certainly some of the better coffee I've had in Portland (something to be said for that!) and rivals Bob's Red Mill as the best breakfast within 15 minutes of us.  (also, rekindling our "new restaurant a week" thing we tried to start a few months back)

Later all!
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» Long time no update....new digs and pictures!
(so I wrote this last monday/tuesday and never posted it...here ya go! Pics and all :D)

Long time no write, eh? I know I promised pictures to everyone (even people not reading this), so they'll come below. Lots of things happening in the world of Josh nowadays.

Kate and I got a new apartment a few miles north of where we were. Much bigger, quieter and no funk wafting over from the wood processing plant. Another bonus, we got new downstairs neighbors at the old place, who seem to love dealing who-knows-what out their window, bumping their bass at all hours, and have parties...every night. We went over on friday night when I got back to PDX and the bass was already thumping (at 7p), they *came home* at 8p and turned the stereo down (so as to not annoy people further...too late for
that), promptly bringing people to the window to sell whatever they sell out the window, and then the people started pouring in the door to their apartment. Bah! So glad we're out of there! Oh! For the entire year we were there we never had any problems with tagging, well, friday we showed up to an untagged door. Friday we left to a tagged door. Saturday we show up to a 2nd tag over the first on that same door. Seriously, it was much better before the people moved in below. Once again, glad we're out of there.

Started my first official day at Google last monday. Got my cool 'Noogler' beanie (with propeller!). Other than that nothing has really changed at work, new badge, new benefits, same van, same work :D

Still looking to get back to Illinois in the near future...it's going to happen! I promise :D Going to work with "bitchy" to coordinate trips, so he comes back to OR with me for a few days. Maybe memorial day? I still need to look at exact dates and get the ticket.

A few other things....

Stumbled on the Trillium Festival at a park on day a few weeks ago...literally stumbled! We were out lost in the 'boonies' of PDX and decided to stop and go to the bathroom at the next place we could...well, it so happened to be said festival going on. Walked around the park for a bit, took a few pictures, got rained on,
had fun :D

Found a killer little disc course in Newberg, lots of short holes with massive elevation changes. I really want to go back there when it's dryer...and play the holes correctly the first time though (we misplayed #3...who knew it had a huge hook?!?)

Back to the new place. We painted it some awesome colors...green, violet and dark purple. Pictures below :)

- Trillium Festival

- Herbert Hoover DGC

- New apartment (unpainted)

- Apartment painted

That's all for now! Now that there's intarweb at the new place, I may update more...may ;)
» Meet the new boss, same as the old boss
Which is a good thing because....

I just accepted an offer to be a full time Google employee!  No more contractual work for me!  In 2 weeks I will become an official employee of the worlds best company :D

Thanks to everyone who gave me endorsements, tips, support, everything!  You know who you are and I am truly indebted to all of you :D
» OMG Need these!
SurgeStix - inhalable caffeine!
» 5 weeks? really?
Damn, I'm a slacker when it comes to upating...and the only reason I am now is b/c I'm home feeling like crap (stomach is killing me!).  And really, there hasn't been too much going on with me to speak of.  Just same old same old, and with the commute I never feel like doing anything when I get home except going to sleep...but that's changing (slowly) as we get a vanpool implemented and shift hours ever so slightly so everyone from PDX can actually have an evening to enjoy :)  Yay!

Still listening to a lot of music...but more importantly, my dad tuned me into Jack Flanders.  More specifically, "The Fourth Tower of Inverness", which is a fantastic "old" adventure serial from the early 70s and now the first follow up, "Moon Over Morocco" is a free podcast!  It's not as good and has a whole new set of supporting characters (no Meenie Eenie or Little Frieda) but I'm only on the 8th episode (out of 50ish) and am anticipating a sharp upswing in the action/weirdness in the next few episodes.  Check it out for some weird hippie new-age adventuredom in 12 minute chunks :D

What else?  Oh, going through the process of becoming a full time Google employee at the moment....can't say much else b/c I don't know much else..turned in my paperwork, references were contacted, sit and wait.  It would be frustrating if I wasn't constantly busy at work to keep my mind off of it :)  It's all good.

I am getting much better and doing things with linux.  practical useful things.  Now I just need to take that leap and build a file server...already picked up a 500G drive at the (now closed) CompUSA...now I just need 2-3 more of them and I'll be set :D  Still trying to get all my music backed up (at 80% now) before I jump to copying movies (yes, movies...all of them!)  I think the 200Gb is dead...or the housing is dead...not sure, but I can't get to it anymore and don't have a computer to hook it up internally at the moment.  bah!

Okay, that's enough out of me for now.  I'm gonna go try to make my stomach stop hurting...Kate's got a wide assortment of GI drugs that I can try :)
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